In these difficult times, support we receive from the community is greatly valued and is imperative for bettering the economic adversity we now face as a collective whole. In light of our world's current situation which is impacting our industry, we're incredibly grateful for your decision to purchase the following prepayment voucher.


Vouchers may be redeemed at our restaurant within twelve months after purchase.  One voucher may be used for any amount of people reserved.


We greatly appreciate your purchase of a voucher and look forward to the near future when our community is safe once again and when we will be able to open our doors to serve you.

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In gratitude of your purchase and support, voucher holders will be gifted the price of RM150 for our 10 COURSE SEASONAL TASTING MENU per pax instead of the usual price of RM170.

  1. This voucher is redeemable only at our restaurant venue Oitom KK, Sabah situated at 88 Market Place.

  2. This voucher is valid only from April 1st, 2020 to April 1st, 2021.

  3. This voucher is available for purchase only till April 30th, 2020 or otherwise stated.

  4. This voucher is valid for any number of pax.

  5. This voucher is valid for the redemption of Oitom's 10 Course Seasonal Menu at the price of RM150 instead of RM170 per pax (not inclusive of additional charges) in gratitude of the purchaser's support during the COVID-19 climate.

  6. This voucher permits only the amount paid prior to reservation (at RM50 minimum and above) as a means of procuring a reservation or deducted off total bill per dine-in group according to the promotion stated.

  7. The voucher you are redeeming will be removed from your possession or otherwise annulled after redemption.

  8. Please note that a maximum of one of each of the vouchers is redeemable per dine-in group and only one voucher can presented at any one time.

  9. Oitom staff reserve the right to accept or reject voucher presented in the event of expiry or any other reason seen fit that do not comply to our terms and conditions.

  10. A photocopy or other type of copy of the original voucher will not be accepted unless printed from our official website if any digital copy is uploaded.

  11. Additional terms and conditions for each voucher (for example expiry date) are explicitly detailed on each voucher.

  12. You must comply with this set of terms and conditions, as well as the terms on each voucher to be able to redeem this voucher.

  13. Reselling of this voucher is strictly prohibited.

  14. This voucher is redeemable in its entirety only and may not be redeemed incrementally.

  15. This voucher does not cover additional tax, service charge or gratuity upon redemption.

  16. This voucher cannot be combined with other offers, except as permitted by Oitom.

  17. All offers are subject to availability.

  18. The voucher is not valid for commercial use.

  19. Anyone who makes violations against our terms and conditions regarding use of this voucher are subject to actions seen fit by Oitom staff.