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The “IDEAS” Full Experience Menu is a celebration of the culinary creations that have been served to guests at OITOM over the past four years. The dishes are being brought back and improved upon to create a completely new tasting menu for this season.

The restaurant is committed to using the best seasonal ingredients that Sabah has to offer to celebrate the
“IDEAS” menu.

Join OITOM on this exciting culinary journey and experience the best of Sabah’s seasonal ingredients in a unique and innovative way!

kota kinabalu restaurant

Snacks of Kudat Sweet Corn and Kundasang Beetroot
Slipper Lobster & Tuhau
Scallop Hinava


"IDEAS" Full Experience Menu                        rm 279
Wine Pairing                                                     rm 155
Mix Pairing                                                        rm 107

* Pre - Order our addon to acquire 5% discount on selected item in our reservation system
* Price exclusive of service charge

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