Chef Collab Night

with Raphael Lee and Liam Lee

Last night's Chef Collab between Head Chef / Oitom Founder Raphael Lee and esteemed Chef Liam was truly an evening filled with laughter, celebration, and  delicious food! Our menu comprised of a merge between Chef Raphael and Chef Liam's distinct style along with their culinary backgrounds and was received sensationally by our dinner guests of the night. All dishes prepared are of the following in order:



Charcoal Burnt Beef Tartare
Dry aged ribeye, Paku pakis, fermented apple 

 Pumpkin Blossom
Ricotta cheese, local vegetables, saffron beer batter, deonjang fig sauce


Kimchi Croquette
Tiger prawn, mozarella cheese, asparagus salad


Tomato and Milk Curd
Fresh cheese, tomato water, ikura     


Red Snapper and Assorted Mushroom 
Mushroom broth, deonjang foam, assorted mushroom and greens, chive oil


7 Days Dry Aged Duck Breast
Beetroot, blueberry, raspberry


Mushroom Chocolate Toffee
Fermented king oyster mushroom, Bonaterra 72% Chocolate




We extend our gratitude to Chef Liam for participating in this memorable occasion and especially thrilled to have had a fully booked restaurant! We would also like to thank each individual who was present and hope you enjoyed your meal. Photos of the night can be found within our Facebook page.