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Raphael Lee

Chef & Owner of OITOM, Pioneer of food industry in Sabah that evolve and improve Sabah Food Scene. Passionate, committed and driven towards one goal, which is the empowerment of Sabah F&B Scene. 8 years of overseas experience working in Singapore and Australia prior to opening OITOM and close to 4 years in the progress.

My Story

   I am Raphael Jay Peter Lee, the proud chef-owner of OITOM, a restaurant located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Since its opening in 2019, OITOM has been recognized for its focus on local ingredients and flavors, earning a nomination for the Tatler Guide Malaysia Top 100 Restaurant from 2019 to 2023.

   As a chef, I believe in the power of local produce. That’s why I work directly with producers like Dumo Wongi for edible flowers and Agricrop for button mushrooms, expanding the range of niche produce available in our market.

   My journey doesn’t stop at the kitchen. I had the opportunity to star as one of the ten characters in the movie “KITA FILM”, a film that emphasizes unity in diversity through our common food staple, rice. My restaurant has also had the honor to serve several Korean actresses in a reality show featured on SBS in 2022.

   One of my most memorable experiences was serving the late Toh Puan Rahimah, wife of the late Tun Fuad Stephens, in a private dining event for her birthday in 2020. OITOM has also been chosen for various product launch events, including those for Hennessy Cognac and BMW, as well as BOSS events.

   My journey is a reflection of my dedication to culinary excellence and my commitment to promoting local produce. Through my work at OITOM and my involvement in various events and media appearances, I strive to elevate the dining experience and contribute to a broader appreciation of locally sourced ingredients and diverse flavors.

   I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in several articles, magazines such as “Going Places by Malaysia Airlines” and "Tatler Asia", and food blogs, which have helped spread the word about OITOM’s unique approach to fine dining. These features have not only highlighted our innovative menu but also our commitment to using locally sourced ingredients.


   Specifically, my journey and OITOM’s story have been featured in articles like “Oitom, A New Temple To The Locavore Spirit, Titillates Fine Dining Lovers In Kota Kinabalu” on Tatler Asia and “OITOM: the Kota Kinabalu restaurant reimagining uniquely Sabahan ingredients” on Going Places by Malaysia Airlines. These articles provide an in-depth look into our philosophy and approach towards food.


Always Curious, Hungry, for more knowledge of food.

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